Thank You for Endorsing Measure FF!

Organizations in Favor of Measure FF*:

Doc_Logos_3.pngAlameda County Central Labor Council

Alameda County Democratic Party

Alameda County Firefighters IAFF Local 55

Alameda County Taxpayers Association

Albany Strollers and Rollers

AFSCME Local 2428

AFSCME Council 57

Bike East Bay

California Native Plant Society

Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)

City of Alameda Firefighters Local 689

Claremont Canyon Conservancy

Conservation Society of California

Contra Costa Central Labor Council

Contra Costa Democratic Party

East Bay Chapter of California Native Plant Society

East Bay for Everyone

EBRPD Retirees Association

Friends of Alameda Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Crown Beach

Friends of Five Creeks

Friends of Pleasant Hill Creeks

Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS)

Greenbelt Alliance

Industrial Safety, Inc.

John Marsh Historic Trust

Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Oakland Zoo

Regional Parks Association

Regional Parks Foundation

Save Mount Diablo

Save The Bay Action Fund

Save the Redwoods League

Sierra Club - San Francisco Bay Chapter

Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC)

United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County

UC Berkeley Progressive Student Association-Our Revolution

Elected Officials in Favor of Measure FF*:

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Nancy Skinner, State Senator District 9

Rob Bonta, State Assembly

Wilma Chan, Alameda County Supervisor

Nate Miley, Alameda Board Supervisor

Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland Mayor 

Jesse Arreguin, Mayor of Berkeley 

John J. Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville

Peggy McQuaid, Mayor of Albany

Ally Medina, Vice-Mayor of Emeryville

Malia Vella, Vice-Mayor of City of Alameda

Rocehelle Nason, Vice-Mayor of Albany

Michael Barnes, City Council Member of Albany

Nick Pilch, City Council Member of Albany

Peter Maass, City Council Member of Albany

Frank Matarrese, City Councilmember of City of Alameda   

Jim Oddie, City Councilmember of City of Alameda

Scott Donahue, City Council Member of Emeryville

Dianne Martinez, City Council Member of Emeryville

Christian R. Patz, City Council Member of Emeryville

Jennifer Cavanaugh, City Councilmember of Piedmont

Whitney Dotson, EBRPD Board Director 

Dee Rosario, EBRPD Board Director 

Dennis Waespi, EBRPD Board Director 

Ellen Corbett, EBRPD Board Director 

Ayn Wieskamp, EBRPD Board Director 

Beverly Lane, EBRPD Board Director 

Colin Coffey, EBRPD Board Director 

Loni Hancock, Hon. Retired State Senator 

Tom Bates, Hon. Retired Mayor of City of Berkeley 


Community Members in Favor of Measure FF*:

Ana M. Alvarez, Park User & Volunteer

Andrew Gunther, Community Member   

Bonnie Moss, Park User & Volunteer

Bruce Beyaert, Chair of the Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC)

Chip Conradi, President of the Regional Park Foundation          

Chonita Chew, Community Organizer of United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County

Christian Nelson, Community Member         

Dan B. Walden, Executive Director, Alameda County Taxpayers Association

David Lewis, Executive Director, Save The Bay

David Rocha, Alameda County Fire Chief

Janine D. Bogart, Community Member

Debbie Brawner, Community Member         

Elizabeth Silver, Community Member           

Helen Burke, Sierra Club, Citizens for East Shore Parks & Hon. Retired EBMUD Director

Heather Rosmarin, Friends of Pleasant Hill Creeks

Igor Skaredoff, Community Member

Igor Tregub, Chair of Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter

Irene Dieter, Chair of the Alameda Open Government Commission

Jack Kenny, Community Member

Jennifer Cavenaugh, Community Member

Jerry Kent, Sierra Club, Claremont Canyon Conservancy, Regional Parks Association

Jim Hanson, California Native Plants Society

Betty Hicks, Community Member

John Sutter, Community Member

Kenneth Blonski, Retired EBRPD Fired Chief

Kenneth Moresi, Community Member

Laura Crotty, Park User & Volunteer

Nancy Wenninger, Community Member

Norman LaForce, Chair, Sierra Club East Bay Lands Committee

Pam Young, Chair, Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS), East Bay Conservation Committee

Randall G., Student

Richard Bangert, Producer of Alameda Point Environmental Report      

Richard Taylor, Community Member

Rick Lemyre, Executive Director of John Marsh Historic Trust

Robert Piper, Chair of Oakland Landscape Committee 

Sam Hodder, President and CEO, Save the Redwoods League

Sharon Corkin, Park Advisory Committee

Shelana deSilva, Director of Government Affairs, Save the Redwoods League

Steve Harker, Community Member

Susan Piper, Chair of Oakland Firesafe Council

William Smith, Community Member

Michael Yamagata, Community Member

Zekun Li, Park User & Volunteer

*Partial Listing