Why we NEED Measure FF

WITHOUT raising your tax rate, VOTE YES on Measure FF to extend, and maintain critical investments in local East Bay Regional Parks, reduce the risk of wildfires, save redwoods, preserve water quality, and increase park safety for all.  

In 2004 local voters overwhelmingly approved Measure CC to maintain our local parks.  Your support has made a difference.  Now, Measure FF seeks your support to extend this vital funding to maintain our investment in wildfire protection, public access, urban creeks and water quality, and natural habitat preservation – all for ONLY $1 a month, keeping your tax rate flat.

2018 has become the worst year on record for California wildfires.  The new normal is more wildfires leaving more destruction across the state.  We cannot risk another wildfire in the East Bay like the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley Hills Fire. Measure FF will continue the park district’s approved Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan work to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Measure FF also provides a detailed plan built with environmental and community leader input to:

  • Increase public safety across all parks (including wildfire protection)
  • Preserve water quality, shorelines, urban creeks and coastal areas
  • Protect natural habitats for birds, wildlife and endangered species
  • Improve trails and public access to parks and trails
  • Maintain and increase environmental education programs
  • Upgrade erosion control and nature-based flood protection

Measure FF has built-in taxpayer safeguards. ALL MEASURE FF FUNDS STAY LOCAL, dedicated to East Bay Regional Parks only.  Because of the prudent steps taken to protect taxpayers, the Alameda County Taxpayers Association has endorsed Measure FF. 

Help keep local parks safe, clean and protected from wildfires -  WITHOUT raising your tax rateRemember, they are YOUR parks – these parks belong to YOU.    

Please join the Regional Parks Foundation,  Sierra Club, Save the Redwoods League, Golden Gate Audubon Society, firefighters, public safety officers, neighborhood, civic and Labor leaders,  environmentalists, park enthusiasts, and residents across our community VOTING YES on Measure FF to continue protecting our parks.

VOTE YES on FF.  Thank you!

Ballot Signatories for Measure FF:

David Rocha, Alameda County Fire Chief
Barbara Lee, Congresswoman, 13th District
Norman LaForce, Chair, Sierra Club East Bay Public Lands Committee
Pam Young, Chair, Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS), East Bay Conservation Committee
Dan B. Walden, Executive Director, Alameda County Taxpayers Association
Kenneth S. Blonski, Retired Fire Chief, Richmond Resident
Audree V. Jones-Taylor, Retired City of Oakland Park Director, Park User
Chonita Chew, Community Organizer, United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County
David Lewis, Executive Director, Save The Bay
Sam Hodder, President and CEO, Save the Redwoods League